Delaney Hathaway – Actress, Director, and Filmmaker

Delaney Hathaway is a Pittsburgh based actress, director, and filmmaker. She has been involved in over six feature films

How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?

It will officially be 3 years this September. 

What role(s) do you fill when making films?

My first love is definitely acting, so that is what I strive for first. But, If I really love the script but I do not feel fit for the roles, I try to be apart of the crew. My usual positions are script supervisor, production assistant and although I have helped with costuming, hair and make-up, and assistant directing. Recently, I put the full Director Hat on and that was fun. 

About how many movies have you worked on?

I’ve worked on 6 feature films and probably another 18 or so shorts.

What are some awards you’ve won or festivals you been in?

Nominated for “Best Lead Actress” for my first feature titled “Phantom of the Woods” Some short films I have been in have won best editing, best acting, and best director (I acted in these, I did not direct)Recent short film titled “Straight and Narrow” by RedSlate films won the “Jury Award” in the Veritas Film festival. Other festivals I have been in are “Buffalo Niagara Film Festival in Buffalo NY, HorrorHound in Cincinnati OH, and Naples International Film Festival in Naples FL”

How long have you been making films?

My first feature I completed when I was 16 years old, and it has been intermittent since then. I would say, actively making films for about 5 and a half years, with the past 3 years being the heaviest.

What are some of your “more visible” films?

So far, the first couple of films I completed when I still lived in Indiana are the most visible. They can be found on Amazon and Phantom of the Woods can also be found on Tubi. There are a few that I have completed within the past year or so that are planning on being shopped around, so hopefully I will be able to update with those links later! 

Phantom of the Woods

The Stray 

Made Guys

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you? 

All information can be found at my acting page on Facebook Delaney Hathaway or through my Instagram @delaneyshaye • Instagram photos and videos . For Direct bookings, contact my agent Steve at “The Talent Group” 412 471 8011.