Brian Stowell – Actor and Filmmaker

I have lived in Pittsburgh for at least half of my life. For about 6 years I lived in Ohio. I also was in the Army for a 10 year period of time. But besides those 16 years I have lived right here! So I have lived in the Pittsburgh area for 25 years in all.

When I am on a film set I typically take on several roles. I do whatever is needed for the film. I act, write, direct, DP, beginning to edit, and whatever else is needed. I have no problem being a PA for a day if that’s what is needed. Obviously acting is my favorite role!!

I would say ballpark I have worked on about 30 to 40 movies, About 7 series, 6 commercials, and a bunch of other little odds and ends projects.

I won best actor for a film I did call Duct Tape. This was at the Pittsburgh uncut film festival. This film also went on to win a bunch of awards (picture below). Been to tons of festivals for the films I have worked on.

I have been a filmmaker now for about 6 years. Southpaw landed on my doorstep and pulled me right in!

Well, I have had lines on the shows Mindhunter season 1 and outsiders season 1. I have also had lines on an RCN cable company commercial for New York, Chicago, and other metropolitan cities. Several films I am really proud of that I played a big role in Project E-1337, which you can find on amazon prime, Body Farm which can be found on a multitude of streaming cites, No Knock List found on amazon prime to just name a few. There was a series I was in called precinct 69 that can be found on amazon that was super funny. 

People can reach me on Facebook, on IMDB, or by email

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