ALEX CASSUN – Writer, Director and Producer

How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?

I moved to Pittsburgh in July 2016 so coming up on 4 years now. Wow.

What role(s) do you fill when making films?

I have done just about every job imaginable but primarily I’m interested in producing, writing/story development, directing, and ADing small indie projects, and I work in production on corporate and larger productions and I’ll occasionally dip in to do some art department gigs when someone twists my arm. In addition, I rent out props, costumes, weapons, and production supplies through my production company Indieground Films.

About how many movies have you worked on?

As far as I can tell, I have around 260 credits from just over 200 productions, and of those about 60 of them were films (the rest being TV, events, or commercials).

What are some awards you’ve won or festivals you been in? (if any)

My feature film The Buskers + Lou took home a few awards on it’s festival run including Best Feature at the Downeast Flick Fest and most recently my short gory thriller Closure took home awards for Best Gory Scene (Horror Bowl Movie Awards), Best Kill (Midwest Horror Fest), and was a finalist for the Hypewave Film Awards. I have also partaken in a few weekend film projects in the last couple years, and we’ve done quite well there. Catch won Best Editing, Best Director, Best Writing, Audience Choice, and Best Movie (2018 3K Film Festival); Detached won for Best Cinematography (2019 3K Film Festival), and ThunderDomestic won Audience Choice Award, Best Costume, and Most Vile Villain (2018 48 Hour Horror Film Festival). And finally, not an award but a short film I co-produced with Dark Math called 096 just surpassed 1.35M views on YouTube in only a month, so I’m really proud of that.

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How long have you been making films?

I think the first attempt at making a short film was probably way back in 2003 or 2004. Of my own projects, I’ve started 3 self funded features (finishing one), several shorts and music videos, and hundreds of scripts in various forms of completion.

ALEX CASSUN - Writer, Director, Producer
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What are some of your “more visible” films? (Please include links)

My ultra low budget indie drama feature The Buskers + Lou can be found on a bunch of streaming sites as well as on Xfinity and Fios. You can also see a bunch of short films and other projects on my website here.

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you? 

As mentioned earlier, I run a small production company called Indieground Films so if you want to rent out anything from props and costumes to weapons to production support like tables and generators and whatnot, or if you want to hire me as a producer, director, writer, or AD, you can get in touch either via phone/text at 412-714-6656, or email at You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. Also you can follow us on Youtube where we’re hoping to start posting videos more frequently.