Robert Scott – Screenwriter and Filmmaker

Robert can be contacted at IMDB, or by email

How long have you lived in Pittsburgh?
— I’m a life-long Pittsburgher. Born here in 1950.

What role(s) do you fill when making films?   and which do you like best?– I have been a screenwriter, director, producer, AD, PA, casting, locations, pitched in and helped out with sound, as a grip, craft services. Especially on the 48 Hour Films. We do whatever is needed. I wrote and directed a short entitled “Room With a View” that I’ve been sending to festivals.  It’s a psychological thriller.  I’m currently directing a short drama I wrote called “Odyssey.”  I love producing and directing a film that I wrote.

About how many movies have you worked on?
— About two dozen in various capacities. 

What are some awards you’ve won or festivals you been in?
 — I’ve worked on most of the Carnegie Screenwriters’ films in the 48 Hour Film Projects since it began here in Pittsburgh back in 2008(?). Typically as a producer and team leader, but also as an actor, grip, PA, etc. Some of those films have won awards.

How long have you been making films? 
— I’ve been involved in filmmaking for about 15 years. I’ve been a screenwriter and actor for over 20 years. Also a poet and short story writer. Most of my acting and directing experiences have been in local theatre, but in recent years I’ve gotten into producing and directing films.

What are some of your “more visible” films that you’re most proud of?
 — “Room With a View” is a film written and directed by me. It’s my directing debut. It hasn’t been released to the public yet as I’m still submitting it to festivals, but it was shown on Filmmakers Corner recently.
Password: BumbleBee

What’s the best way for people to reach out to you?
 —  I don’t have a personal website. I’m on Facebook as Bob Scott.
Carnegie Screenwriters has a Facebook group and a website –

I got into the A&E world a little later in life. I went to night school at Point Park University in my 40’s as an English major. That’s when I got into writing short stories and poetry. In my late 40’s I took screenwriting classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers and acting classes at CCAC and the former Pittsburgh Playhouse. I took my first acting class at the age of 47 and first stepped on stage at 48. I was in my 50’s when I started doing film and now in my 60’s I am directing films.
I am a founding member of the Carnegie Screenwriters and was the President of the group for many years. Mainly because no one else wanted to do it. (Lol) Now we have a board in place and the group has grown tremendously. CSW is a group of writers, filmmakers and actors based here in Pittsburgh. We have members from the tri-state area and our Facebook group has members from around the world.